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The term “organic” refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed.
Specific requirements must be met and maintained in order for products to be labeled as "organic".
Organic crops must be grown in safe soil, have no modifications and must remain separate from conventional products. Farmers are not allowed to use synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes (GMOs), petroleum-based fertilizers and sewage sludge-based fertilizers
* It must be grown healthily*
Benefits of eating Organic Food:
(variety of benefits to the body)
- More beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants and their conventionally grown counterparts.
- In addition, people with allergies to foods, chemicals or preservatives often find their symptoms lessen or go away when they eat only organic foods.
- Fresher and is a healthier choice
- Contains less pesticides(eg. fungicides, insecticides, & herbicides), compared to non-organic food

*Organic Meat & Dairy Products*
1. No antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides are given to animals
2. Hence, the constituents of the food are of a much healthier standard.
3. This can be considered as organic food products

* Brown rice is a type of organic food source*
- It is more nutritious than normal white rice.
-It serves as a staple food for health conscious eaters.

* Organic meat & dairy products contains no sign of hormones, antibiotics or pesticides*

* Organic fruit & vegetables do not contain harmful pesticides in them.*



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How does Barney Gets his Kites for free and earn money by blogging?


There are many ways in the world of blogging that will enable you to earn a tidy sum profits and gain freebies just like Barney. I'll elaborate on that in the later part of this message, but first and foremost, i would like to explain to you what Barney meant when he said " Go fly a kite!"

When Barney asked you to fly a kite, he meant that you have to go find something that you are passionate about. Blogging is rather tedious and it requires your interest in that subject for you to be motivated to carry on. You'll be suprised by what you get from blogging about your passion alone, if you are not blogging about something that you are passionate about, you'll never enjoy the process of doing it. It was Barney's passion that enabled him to go into the world of blogging in the first place. When you are passionate about something, you would be able to write intresting articles that will attract the interest of others natuarally.

Blogs generally do not help you gain a steady and high income at first(unless you have an extremely popular or an established blog) , but it still has its benefits over time. It seems like Barney passion and motivation has led to him having an established blog, thus resulting in the income and those freebies.

Now, I will elaborate on how blogs are able to generate income and how to create an established blog.

Ways to establish and generate an income on blogs:

1. Creating a blogshop:

Barney could have sold or traded kites online at his blog. He could have earned money by buying the kites in bulk from a supplier(makes it cheaper) and selling it at a higher price for profit. Trading his kites there might also provide him with a wider variety of kites that is not commomly found over the internet. With a good reputation and rapport, more people would want to supply their products to him as a form of advertisment for their companies. This way, he might have gotten free samples of different sorts of kites too!

2. Enabling Advertising Programs on your blogs:

There are programmes such as Google's Adsense which provides advertisment service from other companies on blogs for free. And the best part is that whenever a visitor clicks on the link, the money would just flow in, without the user doing anything at all! Talk about easy money! All you need to do is to sign up for an account and to get an approval! But there is a downside about it too. Once again, you would need a well-established blog to actually have people clicking on those ads. Ted must have a lot of follwers reading his blog if he actually generates a tidy sum of money from this every month. However, most of the time, it would only generate a small amount of money. Another more popular example in Singapore would be, Asia's first and leading blog advertising community.

3. Promoting your blogshop/blog to people through different mediums to gain support:

By promoting his blog to others through different means such as facebook, twitter, youtube, more people would start to follow and support him as he gains popularity (as many just goes along with the crowd). With more followers, they would be more supportive of what he endoses or sells. And with more supporters, more companies would want them to advertise or endorse their products on thier blog with a online((banner ads)/pop-up/under ads) as he becomes more popular and palatable to the public eye. There has been certain instances where individual bloggers have become so popular such that they are propelled to stardom. Xiaxue is one example. Fans would also give their star bloggers presents and gifts too! Barney might have received his Kites thorugh his fans and the money from advertising on his blog.

4. Finding sponsorship:
It would be easy for popular bloggers to get sponsored by some companies who want to promote their product to them as metioned earlier. Sponsors would usually pay bloggers to write reviews and to promote their services or products on their blogs, which is a little similar to the banner ads. The only difference is that it's just that the blogger adds in an extra personal touch.
Bloggers may even receive a free trip to another country ust to promote that country on his/her blog. There is a possibility that Barney kite's were sponsored and given to him for free by certain companies.

5. Consulting and Speaking :
It is also possible for Barney to sell his services on his blog-that is, to give advise about Kites, the different types of Kites and how to fly them...ect. He could charge consultation fees for people who aks him about it if he is has enough knowledge about Kites. By providing such services, Barney would be able to learn more on this topic through the enquiries of others and become a more experienced expert in this aspect.

6.Business Opportunities for Blog writing :
Due to his blogging experience, Barney might have been approached by some companies as a employee to take on blogging duties as a specialist to help run thier webpages/update the company blog reguarly.

7. Non-blogging writing opportunities:

There are certain bloggers who also help write out articles for the newspapers such as the Washington Posts and are able to clinch book deals at the same time. Barney might be approached to write a book about kites and perhaps his research of Kites too, would be sponsored thus resulting in him getting free kites.

8.Asking for Donations(the begging mtd):
Bloggers could also ask for donations to support their blogs if it is too costly to maintain. Barney could ask for bloggers for money or for Kite donations to support his Kite hobby if he is unable to continue doing so.

-The end-

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Choose the right food = LOSE WEIGHT!

How to Have a Healthy Diet with a Busy Schedule : How to Develop a Healthy Eating Plan:

*Avoid salty & sweetening food. Drink 8 glasses of water daily. Eat fruits & vegetables instead of junk food.

Healthy Diet Tips : Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

*Avoid food containing lots of hydrogenated fats. Decrease food containing high sugar amounts. Avoid food high in saturated fats (animal food), convenience food (high in hydrogenated oil & sodium

& more...
Healthy Diet Tips : How to Pick Healthy Snacks

Foods That Speed Up Metabolism


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What's up people? How are you doing this fine day?
Today, let's talk about the importance of nutrients ...

Have you ever pondered about which food is healthy for consumption? Or which is bad?
Making healthy choices is important in keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Choices

Whole grains - eg. Whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread and whole wheat cereals
Vegetables - eg. Lettuce, cabbage and spinach
Lean/white meat - eg. Chicken (no skin), fish
Milk - Low fat is more healthier
Water, which raises your metabolic rate.

Unhealthy Choices

Fried Food, contains too much oil and fat
Processed Food - eg. Potato Chips, Candy bars
Soda - eg. coca cola, sprite and 100 plus

Overall, we still can enjoy the food we love to eat right now.
If you like to drink milk, just switch it to Low-fat milk for a healthier option

So ...
Please try to start a healthy diet!



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Hey people! (:
Do you have any idea about the importance of keeping a healthy diet through healthy eating?
Healthy eating is not about strict nutrition philosophies or trying to keep thin unrealistically. Neither is it about depriving yourself of the types of food that you enjoy!
Rather, it’s about feeling great, having more energy, and keeping yourself as healthy as possible :D

For example,

Yong Tau Foo contains different variety of foods, from noodles to fishcakes(:

These foods have different vitamins essential for body repair & growth.

Also, noodles are a good source of carbohydrates and is healthy too! :D

Popiah mostly contains both raw and cooked vegetables(carrots and lettuce)
in it

it is wrapped in soft thin skin which is raw and not fried
This can be considered a healthy choice of food suitable as a snack(:

Spaghetti contains noodles, it lower carbohydrates compared to rice.

Tomatoes are vegetables, which helps to improve one's eyesight and contains vitamins essential for body growth.



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Yo Peeps! Did you know that food is EXTREMELY important? You are what you eat, literally!! I'm not only talking about growing fat or not. I'm talking about your behavior, your character, controlling and healing your minor and major illnesses, your skin's complexion and even your IQ!!! ( And not to mention that it provides you with energy to carry on with a day's work!) And do you know something that is even more interesting?

It VARIES with your blood type!
Food generally has the same function for every blood type, your blood type only varies on how well you are able to digest and absorb those vital nutrients. For example, did you know that blood type B easily grows fat eating wheat(noodles) while the other blood types does not? This is due to the fact that blood type Bs does not metabolize(use up) this food well and as a result, accumulates as fats. Blood type As and ABs often produce more stress hormones and this worsens with a lack of food, imposing more stress on the body. ( you can find out more in the book 'EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE' by Dr. Peter J. D' Adamo with Catherine Whitney)

Omega3 supplements
Did you know, eating fish oils like Omega 3 fatty acid from fishes like Salmon would help regulate your mood and is of high importance for the stuctures of the Brain and nerve cells?

Dark Chocolate cupcakes:D
Did you know eating Dark Chocolate lowers your risk of getting cardiovascular dieseases?
Vitamin C from citrus fruits like oranges help boost our immune system, preventing us from falling sick less easily!

One combination of nutrients, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Zinc would help clear up complexions.(which does not work on mine..well..cus i'm too stressed and my pimples keeps forming...)
a cup of milk
Melatonin found in milk helps induce sleep for sleepless people in the dark, that's why you would usually feel sleepy after drinking a cup of it at night. (Refer to this website on more details as to why milk makes you drowsy--->
Superoxide Dismutase(SOD) found naturally in barely grass, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbages, wheatgrass...ect. have been known to revitalise cells and reduce the rate of cell destruction , even neutralizing free radicals which have been known to cause cancer. ( Find out more from 'Prescription for NUTRITIONAL HEALING- the A-To-Z Guide to Supplements by PHYLLIS A. BALCH)

I have also came across a few herbs which people have claimed to help improve in their terminally ill-health conditions( which i can't recall) or even help to heal up completely from those dieseases. I do not know how true this claims are but I do know that melatonin can help heal insomia.

And the list goes on. There is still many secrets of food yet to be discover and up till today, people are still finding new facts every now and then. Food is the basis for the survival of man kind, it's no wonder than it hold an important place in the developement of every individual.

- my mom: her brain and all her books on nutrition
- my brian and all the knowledge that i've read about so far


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Food is any substance, usually composed of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and water, that can be eaten or drunk by mammals, including us, humans (for nutrition purposes or pleasure). Food may come from plants, animals or other categories such as fungus or fermented products like alcohol.

However, one should always keep a look out for their own diet in order to stay healthy.


This healthy pyramid tells us that we should consume more carbohydrates compared to fatty food.
*Top: fatty food e.g. sweets, chocolates, oil,
*2nd: Protein food e.g. milk, fish
*3rd: Fruits & vegetables e.g. lettuce, apple, tomato
*Last: Carbohydates e.g. pasta, rice, bread, biscuits